February 2008

Hawaiian Village - Tamp, FL
by Swanky

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For this image, Swanky had to struggle with the "Ugly Mug". The menu image in the middle is a classic. It stands on its own. But then the mugs from the Hawaiian Village are not nearly so pretty. So do you use some other prettier mugs, or go with the ones from the actual location? He decided to embrace these mug designs.

Clown Mug

This "clown" mug was used in various locations. Think of it as gay and colorful.

The cold paint on this mug is almost always rubbed off here and there.

Most of the mugs from the Hawaiian Village are easily spotted by this logo in the lei on the back.

This place is another example of Florida taking the Tiki theme and running with it. It all started in California, but it was taken to great heights in Florida. Here are a few images from a postcard:

This decor in the rooms looks late 60s to early 70s

Incredible flaming Moai out front

Beautiful mural in the dining room

Tikis by the pool.

There is more to be seen at Arkiva Tropica. More of the menu here. A breakfast menu here. And a fantastic brochure here.