January 2008

Hawaii Kai - New York
by Mookie Sato

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You can't appreciate what Mookie Sato did on this until you see the original menu image he started with. Here is the original menu.

At first glance it looks the same, but he has completely updated the ship and the sailors. You'll also notice the gals have acquired bikini tops to make them "Safe For Work".

The various mugs are from the Hawaii Kai.

A couple of the maidens of the Hawaii Kai.

The skull mug is the rare "Goddess of Love". Doubtless this was someone's little joke to make a skull mug with that name.


The Hawaii Kai was a New York institution. Perhaps its biggest claim to fame is being the set for the "Bamboo Lounge" in Martin Scorcese's "Goodfellas." It was in business until New Years Eve, 1988. Fitting that it is the calendar theme for New Years. There is a video on You Tube with some small bit of footage of the place here. I have the "Hawaii Kai Cookbook" by Roana and Gene Schindler published in 1970 which means they were going strong then. It is likely the source for the Hawaii Kai Swizzle recipe here, and also in The Bum's Grog Log. Its a great source for food and beverage recipes.

This was the first image submitted by Mookie and we instantly knew we wanted him to do a lot more for us!